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Sheepskin rugs – price £49 each

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Portland Sheepskin Rug

Black Welsh Mountain Sheepskin Rug

Whilst other fleeces may be on the market that are cheaper, these have a luxury length and feel.  In buying them you are helping to preserve rare and minority breed British sheep.  Unlike many others, the rugs are not from lambs, they are from sheep that are 18 months to 2 years old.  The skins are taken to Buckfastleigh in Devon to be tanned.  We can produce skins with longer fleece, but unfortunately these cannot be processed.  The rugs are very hard wearing and have the wow factor !

We have white rugs from our rare breed Portland sheep.  These are long with 4-5″ long fleece – the maximum that can be processed at the tannery.  They have a beautiful silky appearance and feel, are incredibly soft and would enhance any room.

We have black rugs from our minority breed Black Welsh Mountain sheep.  These are slightly shorter than the Portland fleeces probably 3 – 4″ and are very dense and soft.  Some of the tips of the fleece are sun bleached to a golden toffee colour giving each rug a completely unique look.

Sheep Fleeces – from £5

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We have available for spinners and felt makers hand sheared fleeces from our Portlands (white) and Black Welsh Mountains (clue in the name !).

The Portland fleeces staple is long 4″ – 6″, soft and fine with lots of lanolin and washes to a very white colour.  Ideal for spinners.  Those that have used them have been very pleased with them. They weigh about 2kg unwashed.  Prices £5 unwashed, £15 washed.

The Black Welsh Mountain fleeces the staple is quite long – 3″ – 5″ it is slightly coarser than the Portland so is possibly better for felting etc.  The wool is black but some of the tips are sun bleached to a golden brown colour.  They weight about 1½ kg.  Prices £5 unwashed, £15 washed.

 All prices include VAT where appropriate.  P & P extra.