Smallholding Courses

Why not spend a day here on a course and experience a day on a smallholding? 

We started in 2005 and have gradually added to the livestock gaining experience of cattle, sheep and various poultry from scratch.  Our holding isn’t perfect, improvements can always be made, and each year it gets better.  We can remember our mistakes (and still make them) and do not have everything right, but you will be able to see what works and what doesn’t. 

What we do on your day here can be exactly what you want it to be – there is no point going on a course if it doesn’t cover the topics you want it to. 

  • locating and setting up a holding;
  • what equipment you actually need rather than what you may think you need; managing your land and hedges;
  • finding your stock;
  • basic husbandry;
  • hatching/matching/despatching;
  • VAT;
  • endless paperwork and regulations.   

    We can develop a tailor made course for you to cover aspects you would like to know about, on a date that is mutually convenient.

    The day can start around 9.30am and end at 5pm with refreshments, a break for light lunch and a late afternoon tea/coffee and cakes for a chat/question session.  

    The cost would be £110 per person including handouts.