For Sale

Enquiries by e-mail

We have a variety of livestock and goods for sale.

We often have ewes or ewe lambs from our pedigree sheep flocks for sale.  We also very occassionally have cattle to sell as we need to create space for the new generation to come through. See the specific page on the menu.

Fleeces from the flocks are available either washed or unwashed.

The Portland fleeces are great for spinning with a staple usually between 4″ and 6″, it is a fine beautifully silky, white wool.

The Black Welsh Mountain fleeces have a shorter staple, and are not as fine as the Portlands, they can be kempy, but would be great for felt making or maybe spinning in a mix with other wool.  The fleeces tend to be sun-bleached to a golden toffee colour at the ends.

We can take in small quantities of your fleece for washing.  But at present we can’t process the wool any further ie carding.

Enquiries by e-mail